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 SAP FICO from Public Accounting, H1B transfer
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Posted on 09-19-17 6:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi Guys,

I took 3 months training for SAP FICO and thinking about doing marketing now. I was working in H1B a month ago in accounting firm and wanted to know if there will be problem while transferring H1B. I've heard people are getting lot's of RFE these days and wanted if any of you have any experience any difficulties transferring my H1B. I completed my bachelor and master degree in accounting. I am also looking for consultancy who are willing to transfer my visa and do marketing for SAP FICO.
Thanks in advance for sharing information.
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Posted on 09-19-17 10:57 PM     [Snapshot: 57]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where did you take the training from brother?
Posted on 09-20-17 6:40 AM     [Snapshot: 111]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Where did you take the training from brother? "

why don't you enlighten us in your intention asking such question?
is it for harassing the small company and its lively hood?
--- have you heard?..... "najane gau ko bato nasodnu"
i think you need magorkhe1 to have your roasted.... mind your own business and do not ask stupid shit....
or i should say do not ask question with stupid intention....


Posted on 09-20-17 7:30 AM     [Snapshot: 134]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@kattu bro, let's not judge anyone, may be he can give more insight.

@ sidaNepali it's called Celltech Academy they won't do anything about transferring VISA but said will help in marketing, but I don't want to work in TPS and want to transfer my h1b.

Both, What do you think, transferring my H1B will be a problem as FICO is more IT related, and do you know any consulting firm that can help me here.
Posted on 09-20-17 7:35 AM     [Snapshot: 147]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I just wanted to know, no wrong intention there. Few years ago I took few classes in my mba program and thought I could land an entry level job but I was grilled by a Telugu manager in a small company so much that I found out that I don't even know 5 percent of it. I'm still wanting to learn, that us the only reason why I asked.
Posted on 09-20-17 7:41 AM     [Snapshot: 151]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@kpaso....... That bangonepali has history of provoking unnecessary shits.
he aint no expert in these area and he acts like one. He wants to savior of the world. Thats big time elephant dung.
and for @kapaso.....i would suggest your to keep your employer confidential..especially involving h1b...... talk to affordable immigration lawyer.... it may cost you little bit but way better than horseshit people like bagonepali here.
Posted on 09-20-17 8:27 AM     [Snapshot: 189]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kattu, take it easy I was just asking a question. I did not even suggest anything. I am no savior of the world haha I wish tho, but right now I am just tryigto survive. See I did not k ow about the training he mentioned so u am grateful for that. If you are trying to pick a fight with me sorry to disappoint you but I have none. You are welcome to say negative things about me because it won't matter to me a little. Sorry if I have disappointed you in the past . You know sometimes you try to say some tho g with good intentions and it comes out wrong specially online and and tip of that my English is not the best so I might have come wrong , sorry about that and have a good day. Happy dashain, if you celebrate dashain.
Posted on 09-20-17 8:37 AM     [Snapshot: 202]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sidanepali......After all you may not be bad guy....... officially we are friend.... no more poking...... yes i celebrate dashain....... happy dashain to you as well..... i hope you do too.....



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