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 Biden 2020 yes or no!!
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Posted on 10-03-20 8:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Anyone who has brain tell us why the mufo trump shld win this election? Why u guys support a rcist unless ur just a jealus bitch hahaha...
Posted on 10-03-20 2:43 PM     [Snapshot: 91]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Smart ass, tell me why we need to vote Democrats? If you have a little brain, you decide what’s your priorities and see who aligned most with your values and ethics. If you don’t believe in abortion then you would vote against it. Similarly, if Obamacare means a lot to you, vote for Democrats. Small or big business owner and company folks would vote for Replublican.If you were a police or Army, you would vote for Republican. Most of time you vote for the party not the person. The US has so much check and balances it don’t matter what the president passed, since it can be repel by court, judiciary and senate. It can go either way! It’s not like my parents are Congress and I’m the one. So you have to constantly questing what’s your priorities
are. It could be different at different stages of life.
Do you have to apply some folks for GC? Your parents need a visiting visa? They have better chances during Trump era than Obama because GC of most countries such Iran, Africa and Middle East , which have connection to Islamic terrorist have been put on hold.
Posted on 10-03-20 2:46 PM     [Snapshot: 99]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No Biden, he cannot even talk straight
Posted on 10-03-20 3:00 PM     [Snapshot: 110]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Chulbul Pander, don’t we have racism and discrimination in our country? See it exists everywhere. Don’t be hypocrite. Racism have become worst in Obama era than Trump. You think Trump caused violence and protest cuz he passed some laws in last 4 years? Nope. Idiot there is a systemic racism in this country since forever. Talk about big corporations, bank lenders, credit card company, education system, mortgage, Zillow n so on. Go deep n think broad. The blacks are oppressed for many years n you are seeing frustrations among kids- no one can fix alone. We need a joint effort
Posted on 10-03-20 3:04 PM     [Snapshot: 104]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jacka$$ how is trump era better for GC? Don't your a$$ knows Repub is in support to end dvlottery, chain migration and path to gc thru student's visa was already difficult and this administration is adding more restrictions. Other than these visas countries like Nepal have very less chances to make it here. You can vote whoever you want but falsely saying restrictions to Islamic nations doesnt doesn't automatically give advantages to people of other countries when they are trying to end every means to GC.
Posted on 10-03-20 3:36 PM     [Snapshot: 152]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Racism anywhere is bad and evil. It has to be stopped period. You don't condone it saying it is everywhere. If your family members get raped are you going to let it go saying it happens everywhere. I guess not.
Racism may not be like what is used be here but is still there and someone has to speak about it whenever it happens rather than disbelieving it as if it doesn't not happen at all.
Posted on 10-03-20 3:52 PM     [Snapshot: 176]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Keyser smart ass! DV is almost over for Nepal anyways- it’s close to hit 50K mark. If the visas for other countries have stopped, you would have more availability per country through marriage may work. Democrats think about taking down per country quotas. In terms of racism, I never said let it be there, I said we all need to fix it. Don’t burning stores and stealing Nike shoes. They have politicize whole racism things here. Have you bought a house yet?do you care about neighborhood or oh well school system. Your are one hell of fucking racist sob
Posted on 10-03-20 4:01 PM     [Snapshot: 184]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you have a degree and apply properly, then you won’t have issues. If you have used short cut approach in applying GC, fake labor advertisement, hidden contracts, pay issues, did not go work remote area, or lied experiences; now you would get rejection. Why would we have to prioritize foreigners when we have jobless here? They are just stopping until we catch up with economy. I had my GC through H1B almost 12 years ago n it took 3 years in EB3. Few RFE s and that’s it.
Posted on 10-03-20 4:17 PM     [Snapshot: 190]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mofo like u are only concerned about yourself self and so are your baseless points like more availability for marriage..whf!! When has marriage been problem for citizens or gc holders they have to worry about their spouses. It about new people and students who wants paths to gc..mofo!!
Ok so who is that mofo who said "See it exists everywhere. Don’t be hypocrite." How about u say that to very people who stores got rubbed and burned down. Say it happens everywhere in whenever people riots.
Posted on 10-03-20 4:28 PM     [Snapshot: 223]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Also even if Dem is about decreasing quotas dv that is still better than not having at all which repub is trying to end. Everyone should equal opportunities to get here not only the privileged a$$ like yours who want to bring your spouse. Your a$$ knows very well if Rep would to put forth all the polices regarding immigration restrictions none would be here.
Posted on 10-03-20 4:39 PM     [Snapshot: 237]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What are you rambling about? You got no cue. Go see a therapist. If Democrat reduced per country quotas then you ass would be waiting here for 50 years. All Indians and Chinese will get priority. Have you slept last night or are you drunk? You got no fucking clue what ya taking about
Posted on 10-03-20 4:46 PM     [Snapshot: 228]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh so your from that time where things used to so easy for aos..I wonder!!
Didn't had to worry about visa extension when it got expired or timeline to finish you grad school, how about tuitions fees did ur family sponsored you or you managed to pay it with 20 hrs job at school? Don't want to dig deep into your situation but your must be out be in out touch with many newchanges. Same should have happened long time back then ur sorry a$$ would be looking into every loopholes u can find.
Posted on 10-03-20 4:59 PM     [Snapshot: 258]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is your real issue? According to Travel USA visa bulletin, the EB2 is current n EB3 is April 2019. Visa are still available if your are with in the US. What’s your degree on? Some degrees are just hard to apply. You can always talk to DSO and apply hardship n work outside. It’s much easier to apply if you work in non profit or worked as a medical professional. Go and work in summer wherever who cares. The F1 laws been sane, nothing have changed. May be they screen applicants more, but I doubt anything changed for Nepal. In coming years, they will get more applicants because USCIS is kinda run out of money.
Posted on 10-03-20 5:01 PM     [Snapshot: 263]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Trump has been the best president I have seen (I only saw bush and obama to be fair, and I was for Obama both times). I tied reasoning with open minds but soon realized reason has no place with these people. Either they are full of hate, have last hope of staying in US if Biden continues with TPS, and finally there may be few whose interest may align with Biden.
Nepalis are like blacks, very sensitive about their race and only vote with emotion. Look at blacks, their interest has always been the least priority for democrats as they just follow like a herd and vote democrats. If they were smart, they would vote for Republicans and gotten what they wanted way before. Now Blacks are losers because soon Hispanics will be larger voting bloc and both blacks and hispanic have competing interests. Guess who will Democrats try to win? Black priority will be last after couple of election cycle. You have to give it to Sexy in Sari, she understood and told people to engage with repubs but people called her out a lot of names. I realized these people who are trying to make it easier for new comers are not for new comers or even for Nepali community at all, they are here for short term gain.
Again, to those people who have long term interest for Nepali community vote for Repubs. Those who need to skip immediate deportation or save their TPS, vote for Democrats. Oh wait, they cannot vote. Alternatively, come to sajha and call Trump racist, mock everyone who tries to reason. Throw tantrum, make noise, throw whatever you have against the wall and hope something sticks. Good luck.
Posted on 10-03-20 5:06 PM     [Snapshot: 281]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Forget politics how is supporting "Proud Boys" and "fine men on both sides" justified... hahaha no logic will justify trump even core republicans by heart know that... and they cant find places to hide their shame. period
Posted on 10-03-20 5:17 PM     [Snapshot: 268]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't worry about me dude...peace!!
Posted on 10-03-20 5:32 PM     [Snapshot: 318]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"If they were smart(blacks) they would vote for Republicans and gotten what they wanted way before" as if there have never ever been Republicans running the country..lmao!!
Posted on 10-03-20 11:45 PM     [Snapshot: 460]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 यो धागोमा सोधिएको कुरा चै के हो ?
Last edited: 03-Oct-20 11:48 PM

Posted on 10-04-20 3:09 AM     [Snapshot: 536]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Question is why some people support a racist president (in simple english)

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