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 Nepalis in USA, can you help with these 2 issues, please?

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Nepali in US Supporting Trump Beef consumption
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Posted on 08-15-20 11:33 PM     [Snapshot: 42]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepal needs a visionary leader like trump . Who thinks big .... and is a man of a word. We have leaders who even don’t know what is a +a equals to ??
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-16-20 10:18 AM     [Snapshot: 354]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Nepal needs a visionary leader like trump . Who thinks big .... and is a man of a word"

साउन भदौमा आँखा फुटेको गुरुले सदै हरियो देख्छ भनेको एही हो | सम्सारकै भिजनरी नेता देख्न थालयौ ? एउटा थियौ तिमी त्यो पनि साझामा जुको तासिए झै तासिएका छौ नत्र तुरुपका भिजन नेपाल भित्र्याउथ्यौ कि ?

Posted on 08-16-20 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 453]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To like or dislike President Trump, it is a choice of political issues.

And an argument or opinions on cow and beef dinner, it is about religion and culture issues.

A Wise man said it is better NOT to mix politics and religion.

Posted on 08-16-20 12:30 PM     [Snapshot: 517]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good points. And about the beef? I did have it occasionally and I have a reason. What about you? What goes through your mind, or went through your mind?
Posted on 08-16-20 12:44 PM     [Snapshot: 534]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are assuming all Nepalese behave exactly the same. That is the biggest fallacy here. I am a vegan but i have Nepali friends, family who are vegetarian or eat goat and chicken and also those that eat everything except for cow. But then there are some who eat beef as well. Everyone has their own justification. Some consider cow as sacred because of their hindu upbringing and some think that is silly it is just another animal. So i don't judge. It's their choice.

Also liking or disliking Trump is the same thing. Some people spend their waking hours hating him without realizing that their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure has taken the turn for the worse. While others take a chill pill knowing fully well that the politicians are the same, most are good at hiding their bad feelings and bad deeds while President Trump glorifies those.

So your question tries to group together all the Nepalese as one. But luckily each of us are different and have different level of intelligence to go with.
Posted on 08-16-20 9:32 PM     [Snapshot: 765]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Surendra ji, nice points!
Here are my views:
Trump: Yes, he should win the second time.
To those who are against his immigration policy, let it be clear: Trump is only trying to control these:
1. Who cross the border illegally.
2. Those who claim state/city-sponsored benefits as soon as they arrive
3. Falsely claim asylum status
4. H1B visas which are, mostly, a business for consultancies.
....and more.
P.S. I am not a US citizen.
Beef: Those who worship cows, do not eat beef. I mean those who WORSHIP cows, not the people who worship cows just to show off as a believer of Hindu religion. Having said that, we must take in mind that this is 21st century and everybody has his/her choice as far as their preference is concerned.

Posted on 08-16-20 10:04 PM     [Snapshot: 790]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr shakya lemme help u find the answer of "who supports trump" brother . Virtually no human in this planet earth with a lil bit of consice should vote n elect trump. U can be a Democrat or Republican but if u stand in 2 feet u can't be trumpin.

Now answering your question , those few fellow Nepalese who advocate trump are low end DV winners or asylum turn citizen who heavily depend on government funding . The logic behind their support to trump is nothing but a result of jealousy. Their logic is that if trump is reelected he will higher the wall and bar immigrants entering this country. In this way they will not have to share their subsidized food stamps and other federal benefits to other fellow immigrants . Only few self centric Nepalese wish for trump for their personal benefits .these low end people have no political agenda to support trump.
Posted on 08-16-20 10:31 PM     [Snapshot: 803]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"those few fellow Nepalese who advocate trump are low end DV winners or asylum turn citizen who heavily depend on government funding . The logic behind their support to trump is nothing but a result of jealousy."

This is the kind of condescending statement that is causing more literate people to vote Trump while "vedas" are lining up to vote against Trump (they are not voting for Biden, who is just missing and is mentally unfit).
This remind me of christian missionaries. In church, they would say if you are an honest person an pray sincerely jesus will talk to you. If Jesus doesn't talk to you then you are evil, monster and are not a good person. All of a sudden every new members would start "seeing" Jesus, then it continues. You make 100 people beleive by threat/ fear / manipulation then other 1000 vedas who cannot think for themselves will follow. Same thing with Trump, if you are for him you must be evil and monster. They broke off some NFL members, some hollywood celebrities and others with threat of ending their careers. This is the liberal strategy and our community along with other communities who put their caste / race above anything else falls for these kind of startegy. People start thinking for yourselves, even if you vote for Biden find the reason for it. Do not succumb to these kind of haters. Harris has put more blacks in Jail than Trump. Biden fouhht to keep blacks segregated not Trump. And, TRUMP IS MUCH BETTER FOR NEPALI IMMIGRANTS than Biden. Democrats always sees south Asians as partof oppressing race, along with whites. They group us with Indians and have called us as hypocrites and racists on BLM.
People who vote for Biden in fact do not have any agenda. They are haters. People on left are much radical in any policoes. They are the sell outs.
Summary: Nepalis who vote for Biden thinking they are doing their community favor are the dumbest losers of all. They are shooting themselves in their foot and other fellow countrymen.
Posted on 08-16-20 10:44 PM     [Snapshot: 858]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Liberal policies are only good for people crossing border not for Nepalis who flew here. We are oppressing race in Liberal's point of view as most of Asians will get their degree, get good job and will vote against higher taxes. Liberals are seeking votes from "47 percents who do not pay taxes" plus some vedas who will fall for their "equality / anti racist" fight. Dumbest losers of all.
Posted on 08-17-20 8:15 AM     [Snapshot: 1018]     Reply [Subscribe]
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goddamn तपाइको बिस्लेसन सहि छ तर तपाइको बिस्लेसन को जग नै गलत छ । trump republican हो भन्ने तपाईको बिस्लेसन नै गलत छ । मानसिक सन्तुलन ठिक नभएको schizophrenia बाट ग्रसित मान्छे कसरि republican हुन सक्छ । पहिला मान्छे स्वस्थ हुनु पर्छ तेस्पछि वू democrat अथवा republican हुन सक्छ ।

please एक्ट like अ human । तपाई इदी अमिनको सासन कालमा हुनुहुन्न, सहि लाई सहि गलत लाई गलत र पागल लाई पागल भन्न सक्ने ल्याकत राख्न सक्नु पर्छ । trump को ठाउँ मा kanye west भए पनि i would have gone with republican । तपाईकि ६० + वर्ष कि अनपढ आमाहजुर ( जो कुनै राजनीतिक प्रभाब बाट ग्रसित हुनुहुन्न ) वहा लाई tv अगाडी राख्नुस अनि trump को भासन अनुबाद गरेर एक घण्टा सुनाउनुस, येदि वहा ले trump पागल होइन भन्नु भयो भने म येस्पली trump लाई भोट हाल्छु ।

PS ( पागल करार गर्न लाई मेडिकल रिपोर्ट नै चाहिन्छ भन्ने होइन , अस्पताल बन्नु पूर्व नि मान्छे पागल हुन्थे )
Posted on 08-17-20 9:14 AM     [Snapshot: 1068]     Reply [Subscribe]
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leftist thugs love free money created buy capitalist fools lol
Posted on 08-17-20 9:49 AM     [Snapshot: 1067]     Reply [Subscribe]
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TPS ji Trump is not a republican, I understand that.
Trump is little crazy but looking at the current political landscape, I beleive that we need someone who is willing to be a bad man and crazy enough to do things he is doing. I am more scared of people like AOC, Omar and Rashida who hate US but are totally embraced by left. Anti trumpers are letting people who are looting free, so that it looks bad on Trump. They are willing to let spread Corona by inciting violence on street where people are not following any social distancing but are against anyone who is willing to work for food. People are shaming others who are hiking on the streets for not wesring mask (i am for mask where you cannot practise social distancing) and people eating in restaurants), and all people are vigilantes. This is not the direction, I want to see the country going. Look at California they destroyed, people are leaving beautiful state of California (run by left) to come to hot as hell state like Texas (run by right).

There will be a time to vote democrats, but if we do now the people like AOC who have successfully fired number of people from thei job because they expressed their opinion will win. I think current liberals have developed to be hooligans, and will punish anyone who beleives in different ideology. I think this is more dangerous than Trump ever can be. This is a difficult choice, I went with Trump because I truly beleive that media and celebrities ( who should be the least person to comment on normal people's lives like Taylor swift, who had to harden her liberal stance to stay relevant in the industry) are assasinating Trump's character. Like you mentioned Trump is schizophrenic and will react poorly when antagonized. This is what we are seeing in tv, where reporters are taking turn and getting sound bites that fit their narratives. I am not denying the fact that Trump is arrogant and asshole, even might be little racist. But he is not anywhere close to what media is saying.
It seems like we will continue to disagree but my humble request to you is, please do not categorize all Trump voters as less than human. There is a very high risk to vote for left on this election, I will vote for democrats when people like Omar and Rashida are not there. I will vote for them when they do not gang up on other side to get people fired or humilate them for having unpopular opinion.
Posted on 08-17-20 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 1058]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ट्रुम्प को न त कुनै धर्म छ् न राजनीतिक आस्था छ् | TPS ले भने झै schizophrenia बाट ग्रसित मान्छे हो , अमेरिकि राष्ट्रपती नभएर कुनै एसियाली, दक्षिण अमेरिकि वा अफ्रिकन राष्ट्रको भए Saddam Hussein भन्दा कमको हुदैन थियो |

दिमाग सँगै छातीमा हात राखेर मनन गर्नुस् : अमेरिकाजस्तो सम्पन्न राष्ट्रका एक चौथाइ जनता कोरोनाले मर्नु परेको छ, बिज्ञानलाई लात हानेर गर्मी महिन आए पछी हराएर जान्छ भन्दै downplay गर्दै बस्यो| डेथ भ्याली मा तापक्रम १३० पुग्यो थाहा पाउनु भयो नै होला: त्यो कोरोना मुक्त क्षेत्र भयो कि ? मास्क लगाईनस भने १००% हार्छस भनेको कारणले मात्र मास्क देखाउन लगाएको हो नत्र अझै लगाउने थिएन |

फ्लोरिडामा चाही मेल भोटिङ ठीक तर अरिजोना मा चै बेठिक ? यो कुरामा त्रुम्प मार्काको के भनाइ छ ? |Trump को " We will meet him soon" भनेको कुरा बुझ्न सकिन र त्यो सर्काजम हो कि के हो कसैले बुझाई दिनु हुन्थ्यो कि?

मलाई लाग्छ ट्रुम्प फेमिली सबै alzheimer ले ग्रसित छन , तेस्को भाई कसरी मर्यो त्यो पनि गोप्यनै राख्छ किन्की alzheimer को कारण त्यो लडेर मर्यो मन्ने हल्ला पनि छ | अनी ट्रुम्प लाई पनि alzheimer छ भनी जनताले थाहा पाए चुनावमा नाकारत्मक असर पर्छ र हार्ने सम्भावना ७०% माथि हुनेछ |

डि.भि लटरी दिनु पछाडि कामदार हात थप्नु हो, बर्सेनी भर्नेहरुले पाउनेलाई डाहा गर्छ्न| साझामा अमेरिकि शिक्षा पाएका हरुको भनाइ र लेखाई र तिन्का मानसिक दरिद्रता हेर्नुस् बुझ्नुस् | नेपाली टुप्पिईन साह्रै सिपालुछ्न, डि.भि पर्ने हरुमा धेरै जसो १२ पास गरेका हुन्छन हरु र ति मद्दे कोही तुप्पिएकालाई सबै सँग तुलना गर्नु ठीक होईन | नेपालमा सरकारी कर्मचारीले घुस खाएर २-४ वटा महल र् तिम्लाई अमेरिका पैसा खेपेर पठाउदा चै भाग्य र मिहिनेतको कमाइ भन्ने यो साझामा बग्रल्ती छिरेका छौ तर डि.भि परेकालाई एक आँखाले पनि हेर्न सक्दैनौ, एस्ता मनस्थिती भएका हरु पनि schizophrenia बाट ग्रसित छन वा narcissist हुन भन्दा फरक नपर्ला ?

Added this line.

"some vedas who will fall for their "equality / anti racist" fight. Dumbest losers of all"  

Are you referring to African American who are fighting against racism and equality was a wrong movement? If the fight was wrong then you would not be enjoying the life you are enjoying now instead you will be cleaning WHITES' toilets. You do not have less "schizophrenia"  than Trump.
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Posted on 08-17-20 12:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1213]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Logan ji, fight was not wrong and we should fight for equality. I am just implying they are not fighting one currently, what is happening is politics. Preying on people's emotions. I thought that was necessary to point but I will not argue with you in circles. I think you have made your mind and I am almost there as well, so we can disagree but still respect each other. Have a good day.
Posted on 08-17-20 2:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1294]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When I came to USA , I was judgemental because I have not read the black history but the bad things about them only. I was bias.
Same way I read some history about Israel and I had sympathy for their suffering in past but what they are doing now to Palestine does not make sense because they took the same path as Arab did to them.
We agree and disagree but we should be respectful. I completely agree with you. Most people dwell on their past comment and the thread takes completely different direction.

I am fascinated by "धर्मो रक्षती धर्मम".  Only reason they  linked to religion because they need ox to plaough the land and cow for milk, no explanation needed.  Muslim made Pork untouchable  because it was a silent killer, killed thousands by tapeworm it carried with.  

My roommate used to say that there are 1000 of food to eat why beef. I tried beef, I did not like the taste as well the smell.
Live and let other live too, same way respect your culture as well others.
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Posted on 08-19-20 12:32 PM     [Snapshot: 1556]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सुरेन्द्र जी,
तपाईंले सोधेका दुई प्रश्नहरुको उत्तर दिने प्रयास गर्दै छु। म तपाईंको लेखहरु पढ्ने चै गर्छु है कमेन्ट चै गरिहालेको थिएन।

# म ट्रम्पलाई सप्पोर्ट गर्छु या गर्दिन भन्दा पनि ट्रम्पको कुरा मान्छेहरु किन सुन्छन र किन सजिलै बुझ्दछन भन्नेमा जाउ। यो बिश्लेशन चै धेरै मान्छेहरुसँग गरेको सम्वाद र पत्रीका पढे पछीको मेरो बिचार हो। ट्रम्पको स्पीच र बोली सामान्य ज्ञान भएका सबैले सजिलै बुझ्दछन, राजनैतीक पोलिसी र ठुला ठुला गहन शब्दवाली राखेर ट्रम्पले कहिले बोल्दैन, उसले बोलेको कुरा हाइ स्कुल ड्रप-आउटले पनि बुज्दछन, एक किसानले पनि र ठुलै पोस्टमा पुगेका ज्ञाता-बिग्यले पनि। अब उसको कन्टेन्डरहरुको कुरा गर्नु पर्दा, साधारण तरिकाले नबुजिने राजनैतीक मापदण्ड, धराताल सबै छुने गरेर बोल्दछन अनी कती चै सामान्य जिबन बिताउने मान्छेहरुलाई असर पर्ने भएता पनि मतलब राख्न चाहन्नन, सुन्न चाहन्नन। हिलारिको ताका यस्तै भएको मैले अनुभव गरे, जहाँ हिलारी ठुला ठुला निति-नियमको कुरा धेरै लेयरमा कुरा गर्थिन, ट्रम्प चै पर्खाल बनाउने, र यसलाई हटाउने, उस्लाई सिध्याउने कुरा गर्दै बसे। अनी तेही कुरा धेरैले बुझे पनि। हिलारिको फेरी पास्ट को कुरा ले धेरै लखेट्यो, ट्रम्पलाई पनि लखेटेको त हो, तर उसले बोलेको कुरा धेरैलाई घत लाग्यो र के भयो, सबैलाई ज्ञान नै छ। र मैले धेरै रजिस्टर्ड डेमोक्र्याटहरुले बूथमा गएर त्रम्पलाई भोट् हालेको पनि थाहा पाए। मेरो बारेमा भन्नुपर्दा, टीपीएस सरले भन्नुभाको जस्तो हामीहरुलाई चै जुन प्रेसिडेन्ट आए नि तेस्तै हो, जे गरे पनि आँफैले गर्नु पर्छ, कुनै प्रेसिडेन्ट माथि यती धेरै डीपेन्डेन्ट पनि हुनुहुदैन। ओबामाले मलाई यो ज्ञानभास गरिदिएको भनौ। तेसैले म तपाईंको यो प्रश्नमा चै "न्युट्रल" रहन चाहन्छु है।

# म बीफ खान्न, तर भुलेर/ झुक्केर चै खाए, अमेरिका आएर भनौ। तर जानी जानी चै खान खोज्दिन। यसमा चै मेरो हिन्दू धर्मप्रतिको श्रद्धा भनौ। सानै देखी पढेको, गाई भगवानको रूप भनेर, अनी गाइसँग धेरै कथा ईतिहास छ क्यार नेपाल देश उत्पती बारे पनि। (कसैलाई त्यो कथा थाहा भए भन्नुहोला) अब सानो देखी सुनेको, कसैले कसम हाल्नु पर्‍यो भने भन्ने गर्थे, "गाइको मासु खाने" म यस्तो कहिले गर्दिन आदी। शायद त्यस्तो कसम खाने चलन हराउछ होला अब। मैले नि देखे, धेरै नेपालीहरु मतलब गर्दैनन। तेसमाथि तेत्रो धेरै स्वत्रतन्ता भएको देशमा छौ।
Posted on 08-19-20 4:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1695]     Reply [Subscribe]
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अब हुदा हुदी नेप्रे, टोप्रे, सिगाने, सुँगुरमुंटे, दुधे बालक, स्ट्रोलर सबै ट्रंप बिस्लेसक भयो अब ?
Posted on 08-19-20 10:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1823]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हिरोको साथी उर्फ अन्डर्वेयर ज्यु,
तपाईंलाई ट्रम्पको शही बिष्लेशन आउछ भने तपाईं सँगै राखौ होला हजुर, तपाईंको सोच कस्तो छ भनेर सबैले थाहापाइसके हो। तपाईंको कमेन्ट्लाई इग्नोर हान्न सकिन्थ्यो यहाँ माथि भएका मुख छाडा छाडलाई जस्तै गरेर तर तपाईंको मै हुँ भन्ने सोच र साझाका सबैजना उल्लु हुन, मलाई मात्र असली बिश्लेशन गर्न आउछ मेरो मात्र नेपाली राम्रो छ मेरो मात्र ईङ्लिश राम्रो छ, मलाई मात्र अमेरिकन राजनीति थाहा छ भन्ने यस्तो दम्भी सोचाइले चै बेला बेला रिस उठाउछ हो।
तपाईं दुधे बालक हुनु भएन कि? स्ट्रोलरमा गूड्न भएन कि? नाक बाट सिङान चुहाएर नर्सरी स्कुल पुग्न भएन कि? कुन चै माइका लालले पेट्बाट सिकेर आयो होला त? तपाईं जेभियर्स पढेको यत्रो घमण्ड?
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फेरी आउनु भयो मुजी गनगन गर्न . पहिले भनेको, तपाई लाई मुजी फोबिया छ, जतानि मलाई देख्नु हुन्छ. कोहि कुरै नबुझ्ने, कोइ बढी बुझ्ने, तपैहरु जस्तै अतिबाधिहरुको बन्धक छ साझा आजकल . मलाई त मुजी लेख्नै छोर्दिम जस्तो भैसक्यो. तपाई गुए स्कुल पढ्नु भयो, बाल साहित्य लेख्नु हुन्छ तेस्को दोष नि मलाई ? कोरोनको मौसम छ, घरा बस्नुस तातो सुप खानुस स्वास्नी चिक्नुस , बेकारा किन किच किच गर्नु हुन्छ . अब चिक्न लाई स्वास्नी राम्री छैन भने तेस्को दोषनि मलाई ? हेर्नुस, राम्री स्वास्नी पाउन ब्यक्तित्तो राम्रो हुनु पर्छ, तपाईको ब्यक्तित्तो कस्तो छ तपाईको बाललेखनले छर्लंग हुन्छ.

बाख्रा लाई जुम्रा र मान्छे लाई चुर्ना परे पछि हाल पत्ला हुन्छ, दुवैको उपचार एकै हो, मुजी मट्टीतेल , हो एक लिटर मट्टीतेल धोक्नुस, भोलि बिहान सम्म सन्चो हुन्छ .

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कहाँ बाट शुरु भएको कुरा लास्टमा आएर इगो मै पुग्यो । खातेपनाको चरम सिमा पुग्दैछ
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For those Nepalese who are here in The US, all it should matter is economical growth. First and foremost most of us came to US with a single agenda to have a good life either by earning a good quality education, starting a business or working to earn higher wages than in Nepal. So our very existence in the US is based on economic well being. And also US allowed us to live here to drive the economy, I don't think we are anything more than a cog in this economic machine. No matter how "woke" we like to believe, we are nothing but a gear who keeping grinding until the teeth are worn out or God forbid gets broken if accidently or intentionally shot by someone or die in a car crash or of illness. We are quickly replaced by some other gear who thinks moving faster frees them from the pin, without knowing it makes them wear out even faster leading to their impending doom.

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