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 in trouble help me out plzzz

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Posted on 01-02-10 4:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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its been like 3 yrs i have been using t mobile n i have a family plan with my sister, we have been using hello977.com phone card to call Nepal and we never called Nepal directly, but my t mobile bill from this month shows that i have been directly dialing Nepal which i never did and the bill for this month is $1500, my monthly bill is around $100.
my bill shows first the local access no of calling card and some time at the same time and some time after a couple of min the no from Nepal i dialed (which i never dialed before dialing local access number).
date         time      destination       number          call type   minutes   charge
12/6/09   8:12 am  okla city, ok   405301XXXX                     38              -
12/6/09   8:14 am   Nepal             97714XXXXXX                 73              218.27
12/9/09   6:10 am   okla city, ok   405301XXXX                     5
12/9/09   6:10 am    Nepal             97714XXXXXX                  8               23.92   ................

i called t mobile customer service this morning and describe what happened and tell them how is it possible to call 2 numbers at same time, but they told me it was my negligence i told them i m not that foolish to dial Nepal directly not once but several time, but they told me it was my fault and they cant waive my bill what they can do is waive just 25%  and told me to talk with one of their representative from  finance dept so that they will arrange  payment in installment
it is still $1100 i dont know how a F1 student like me gonna pay that much money... is their any way to get out from this problem?


The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 01-03-10 3:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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cellphoneguru if i get him $5 internet it will save him a lot more than $1500 in the long run

Posted on 01-03-10 3:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thx for the suggestions guys
i called t mobile again today n they told me they wont even give me 25% off, after i explain   my situation the representative told me she will give me 25%   for this call only and my contract will be extended for 2 more years and i have to make the decision right away...now am back to 1500 again

Posted on 01-03-10 3:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Omg..I just changed my network from ATT to T-Mobile..now i am already freaked out..
Posted on 01-03-10 3:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol, the mofo Cell phone companies are such scums. I can't believe that even in 2010, they can get away with threats like contract extensions. Call again and tell them (as in let them know your options) about BBB etc.
Looks like this you might be in a pickle but let's hope for the best.
Another thing: google your problem: search for "tmobile international calling over charge" or something like that. Ppl probably  had the same problem and you will know of your options.
P.S. there is no way you should accept that renewal thing. Also hopefully your situation gets fixed.

Posted on 01-03-10 3:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Oh and for those "scared", I know that you can block international calling. Check it out online or go to your local tmobile Ripoff shop. hehehe

I know these things because i have been helping some friends and family with this. I am not affiliated to any of the cell phone companies either.

Posted on 01-03-10 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just file a complaint with BBB

Go to http://www.bbb.org/us/
Click on file a complaint
Follow the instructions

Don't harass T-Mobile no more, do  what you gotta do,
You are not the only one Nepali to bear this problem, I had 600 dollar bill with ATT using Yahoo messenger.  Each message was charged 45cents. Mero Mobile ma ta yesto hudaina thiyo.

Yaha phishing dherai hunchha, so be careful in future. I learnt by hard ways, I guess u too

Another option you have is directly call the three credit bureaus and explain the situation, sometimes they will tell, don't worry, we will take care, In this case, you will be saved from negative credit rating. I had a friend who had financed his dental fixtures through a company. Now that company run away, doctors asked remaining payment or we will report to credit bureaus. He called credit bureaus and settled. Try that  too !!!!  AND if nothing happens, pay that amount and take as a lesson for future,,,,, if you wish to stay in the US.

Posted on 01-03-10 4:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rukdhell, do you really think trying to solve one's problem is harassment? The problem itself is harassment so whatever "harassment" there was, has been nullified. 
Posted on 01-03-10 4:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Also, to Original Poster, OP,
Add FCC to the list of agencies you will file your grievances too and the list you mention to Tmobile. Do your research first. 

"I had a similar problem with T Mobile several years ago. Although we were in official “dispute” they shut down my phone, which is illegal.

Fortunately, I had an unlocked cell phone so it didn’t make that much of an impact. But it made me so angry I pursued the matter with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

It took a long time to get a response (even with exhaustive documentation), but once the FCC was involved T Mobile was very eager to make amends.

The take aways:

1/ Always get an unlocked phone.

2/ File a complaint with good documentation with the FCC."

Posted on 01-04-10 12:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, How important is your cell phone number? If you want to keep the same number, it is wise to transfer to new phone carrier right away while your account is still active  with  T-mobile. Its a lot of money and I don't see you are going to solve it in any time soon. I believe, once T-mobile put your account in hold, you won't be able to transfer old number. 

If this is not important to you, then get a new cell phone carrier and put this bill on dispute and lets see where we go from here. 

BTW, CellphoneGuru seems pro in this matter. 

Posted on 01-04-10 5:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have worked for At&t as a rep before, so I have little bit of knowledge on it. If you do as what sexi in sary said then T mobile will send bill to collection agency if you don't pay which will hurt ur credit score. For At&t as a customer service in this type of situation we used to give credit and block international call so it won't happen again as a. Phone company's people knows this kind of situation happens to some peoples. If rep refuses to take it off, ask for supervisor and talk to supervisor. If you bad luck is not so bad then you will get nice supervisor. then save $$$$$$
Posted on 01-04-10 9:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think, TruthSpeaker misunderstood my comment. Now, I have to deal with ex- AT&T Customer Rep.. Sorry, couldn't help it. Anyway, What I meant to say is even though pwr_slave got 25% discount on its original bill, it was clearly mentioned being a student it is hard for pwr_slave to pay it. 

So, the question is by how much the phone company will reduce the original amount and what is the minimum Mr/Mrs. pwr_slave willing to pay right away to keep  the service without interruptions. Even though, Pwr_slave is lucky to get 50% off, and if 
couldn't pay the whole amount and keeps on adding with regular monthly charges, the minimum due amount to continue the service on next months bill can be trouble for a student. Then, back to the same page. Unable to pay the phone bill. 

Putting 'bill on dispute'  means intention to pay with customer satisfaction. And use last paragraph of RUKHDELL's comment. 
Last edited: 04-Jan-10 09:44 AM

Posted on 01-04-10 3:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Fu*k all this junk stuff pwr_slave. Your small filing a complaint will not even move T-mobile piece of shit. I told you to email me but you didn't. The more you call T-mobile the more you are making your situation worse. Everytime you call T-mobile they put notes on your account. If you have argued with any rep then they might put a note for next rep you call. They will listen nothing to you and will do the same thing that previous rep has done. So don't call T-mobile. If you want to save yourself from 1500 call me. 

Last week I posted a question "if anybody works at T-mobile" and i got lots of reply with people working at T-mobile but non of them are helping right now. 

I will help you and I work at T-mobile. I cannot disclose how will I do it on sajha because that is private not sajha.

So now you decide what to do pwr_slave.

Posted on 01-04-10 5:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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pwr_slave, do what the guru says. I was afraid of that Note thing that these Tmobile B* would do. (I am only talking about the main company; no offence to you as you are in the sales deptmnt; I had done a lot of sales with AT&T and Sprint as well so I am liable to trust these guys more)

And the silent TMobile guys, you should at least advise this guy!

Posted on 01-04-10 6:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cellphoneguru knows what he's talking about, so Pwr_slave, take help with him, if he works at T mobile he should be able to fix your problem....Good luck
Posted on 01-04-10 10:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey cellphone guru, how many days you can feed yourself with 100 dollars? Pwr_slave is f.u.*d from all sides and he has to act soon.  You can waste your time reading, posting and replying in all other junks of sajha, but can't help a stuck nepali friend in need.  You seem to be waiting for 100 dollars before you can show a way out. Don't you believe you gonna get a lot more with the blessings of pwr slave and the rest of us if you had kept your dirty mouth shut. We all need money to live in this materialistic world. That does not mean you should be looking for $ for every second you spend on others. 

Pwr slave, be careful if u deal with cellphoneguru because he does not sound as straight as he had to be in this situation. Listen from everyone, do what you feel is right,,,,,, the action you take only decides your fate not who told you to do so,,,,,, Good luck, I will pray for you !
Posted on 01-05-10 2:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i know this T mobiles are A**holes and i have been using my ATT since last 4 years and have never had this problem...but i am sorry to hear that.....
Posted on 01-05-10 6:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The best part you can do is to change the phone to new provider and cancel the T-mobile service. If you get a collection letter, you can copy your bill and send it to credit reporting companies. They will remove your name from report.

This is the best option you can have since I have seen same situation with AT&T and one of my friend did the same. $1500 is a big time for anyone who even makes more then a million.

Good Luck.

Posted on 01-05-10 9:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Uff, Nepali haru kahile sudhriney bhaenan. J Kaam ma pani fokat mai garum bhanney sochhan.

And hamro paryo bhai Rukhdhell, timi timro kaam chodera aru ko lagi 1day waste garchaura? I guess no.You also have mouth to feed yourself for that 1 day working. So think realistic not materialistic.

Posted on 01-05-10 10:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with cellphoneguru.  Pwr_slave email him. Pay him 100 bucks if he solves your problem. RUKDHELL, dont act cheap. You dont get every thing for free. If Cellphoneguru is saving him $1400. He deserves $100.
Posted on 01-05-10 11:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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USE CUSTOMER COMPLAIN. there should be state website and  non profit  web site..


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